Issue 15

Meredith Glasson-Darling   Josiah Nelson   Maryam Ghafoor   Ellen Zhang   Judy Kaber

Nadja Maril   Kai Moore   Roger Camp   Claire Benevento   Eliot Li

Gil Isreali   Tommy Dean   Karen Crawford   Lauren Kardos

Patrick Meeds  Michael Moreth  Emily Patterson   


Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor



Clouds in a Bottle, Roger Camp

Surf Board, Michael Moreth

Koi Fish, Nanthini Rajarethinam


Creative Nonfiction

The Horseback Riding Accident, Nadja Maril



Agarbathee, Maryam Ghafoor

Pronouns, Ellen Zhang

Able to Absorb, Judy Kaber

I Try Not to Think About the Vanishing, Patrick Meeds

Best Birth Control For Me Quiz: How does using the copper IUD fit with how you see yourself?, Claire Benevento

Parting, Josiah Nelson

Meeting Great Grandad After Lockdown, Emily Patterson



Aeropocalypse, Meredith Gleason-Darling

Summerrseeds and Winterash, Kai Moore

Witness Seven, Gil Israeli



With A Face Like This, Tommy Dean

Of Locks and Keys, Lauren Kardos

Girls: Now & Then, Karen Crawford

What I’m Thinking About When I’m Making Out With Someone Of My Own Race For The First Time, Eliot Li