2014 Best of the Net Nominations

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We are so proud to announce our 2014 Best of the Net Nominations!

Has anyone ever asked you to choose which one of your children were your favorite? Impossible, am I right? When we have to decide who we should nominate for awards, we feel as if we have to make just as hard of a decision. We already love everything we published, or we wouldn’t have accepted it in the first place!

But alas, sometimes we must all make difficult decisions.

We queried our staff members. We printed out pictures and did a line-up of contributors American-Idol style, and when all was said and done, we narrowed our selection down to two creative nonfiction essays, two short stories (one was super short!), and six poems from the third and fourth issues.

Last year, we were so pleased to find out that one of our nominations: “The Joy of Peeling” was a finalist for the 2013 Best of the Net Awards. We wish our new nominees the same fortunate that Saiede had last year.

Drumroll, please! Spry Literary Journal’s 2014 Best of the Net Nominations…

Creative Nonfiction
Ice-Locked by Laura Bernstein
The Drunkest Band in Town by Christopher Anderson

Ants Go Marching by Elizabeth Ballou
Language of Little Things by Rachael Warecki

Twenty Years of Dead by Risa Denenberg
Momos by Elizabeth Yalkut
Self-Portrait As Joan Jett by Amorak Huey
On the Gulf of Alabama by Jacob Collins-Wilson
A Memory of Anya’s Birth by Hadiyah Huma
Aubade With Still Visible Moon by Ryan Bollenbach

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