ab.sorb – transitive verb/ 1a. She doesn’t hesitate to absorb the stones in the ground, the clouds in the sky/ 1b. After the discussion, she absorbs the reasons he is leaving as easily as if he shouted them in her ear/ 1c. The dishes are empty, nothing left on the table to absorb/ 2. Life is not the same now, there are no images on the screen, no baubles to tell her what to want next. The suitcase in the hall absorbs her attention/ 3. She hears guns in the distance, the whine of something falling, becomes absorbed in white and gray sky/ 4a. The sound enters her as if she were a ceiling of acoustical tiles. With her eyes closed, she absorbs the claws of war/ 4b. In the end, she gazes up at no sky, no sign, only the way to the attic, a place where she can crouch and absorb the astonishment of loss, turn it into a quilt of worry, a pillow of pain, a place where she can rest her head again.