Between Worlds

the fiddler crabs
scurrying about with
one-sided giant claws
born into cycles
emerging at low tide
in the muck
hungry returning
to deeper burrows
instinct is their schedule
behind me
workmen smashing
metal on metal
they live by
building carnival rides
to cast quick lightning
wild down childspines
always a newness
it’s that time again



  1. I like Michael’s words.

  2. Nice evocation of spring.

  3. BRILLIANT, Michael. Really love this, left to right, top to bottom, one half at a time, both blended, like the interlocked fingers of symmetrical man’s hands.

  4. my comment is awaiting moderation??? to HELL with moderation!!!! EXCESS is what is required, ms. vanilla pudding meddler! Get MICHAEL! Get outta the way!

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