A Half-Formed Moon

Jessica Caudill

Jessica Kidd

The moon hangs like a sleepy eye against the blackness of 4am, having not reached its full roundness. From the wide window in this strange, sanitized room, I watch the eye disappear behind clouds as if dissolving, absorbing into infinite sky. Medication from the IV burns my veins. Yesterday I told the doctor about the cramps. She frowned and tilted her head, and now I am here. During the ultrasound yesterday, all I saw was the black hole of my uterus, bending the air around me. My heart beats twice as fast for my baby who has none.


  1. Lovely! Would love to see something like this over at Blue Lyra Review!

  2. We’re so happy you enjoyed it! Jessica was great to work with, and we hope she’ll find a home with you as well.

  3. thank you, m e sulverman, and thank you editors.

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