Masthead: Issue 6

Founding Editors:

headshotLinsey Jayne is a wave-headed poet with a penchant for jazz who received her MFA in creative writing at Fairfield University. Her writing has been published in such publications as The Standard-TimesThe Dartmouth-Westport Chronicle, and exactly.what.  She has served as the chief poetry editor for Mason’s Road, as well as the student editor for the Bryant Literary Review and the opinion section editor of The Archway. Linsey is currently at work on her first collection of poetry, entitled Idle Jive.



Erin OllilaErin Ollila (née Corriveau) is an emotional archaeologist who graduated from Fairfield University’s MFA program with a concentration in creative nonfiction. Her writing has been published in Lunch Ticket, Revolution House, Paper Tape, (em): A Review of Text and Image, RedFez, Shoreline Literary Arts Magazine and The Fall River Spirit. Erin has served as the nonfiction editor of Mason’s Road Literary Journal. Her blog, Reinventing Erin, is her outlet for ruminating on the minutiae of everyday life.





Art Editor:

cisco_biopicCisco Covino is a writer and graphic artist and aesthetic scientist.  He received his MFA in fiction from Fairfield University and currently teaches at Johnson & Wales University.  His work has appeared in such publications as and Old Time Family Baseball.  He can usually be found riding his bike through the sweet absurdity of Boston, MA. Cisco also serves as Spry‘s Graphic Designer, and is a Reader for issue #5.





Editorial Readers:

SHStephanie Harper received her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Fairfield University with an emphasis in fiction in July 2012. Her work can be found in The Montreal Review, Poetry Quarterly, Midwest Literary Magazine, and Haiku Journal. She served as Fiction Co-Editor for Mason’s Road Literary Journal. She lives in Denver, CO.




Photo on 12-17-13 at 8.20 PM #2Emily Densten is a graduate of Rowan University with a BA in Writing Arts with a Creative Writing concentration and an English minor. She has been previously published in Spry, as well as Nib Magazine, and Here Comes Everyone. She has worked as a General Reader and is currently working as an Editorial Reader for Spry. She blogshere about trying to act like an adult and her gradual inability to watch a movie without crying.



Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris holds an MFA in fiction from Spalding University, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Spry Literary Journal, Sundog Lit, Red Savina Review, drafthorse, Temenos, and Per Contra. She blogs with three other writers at Literary Labors. When she’s not writing Kelly can be found hanging out with her kids, who remain unconvinced that being a writer is actually a very cool job.




imageGreta Mugge is a graduate of Iowa State University and has since become one of Boston’s foremost experts on pointing out Iowa on a map. Greta was an editor of the literary magazine Sketch and the cultural magazine Uhuru, where she became hooked on selecting delightfully unique pieces, hunting down grammatical errors, and forcing readers to listen to rants about Star Wars. You can find her on Twitter and Tumblr in 2020, when she has finally figured out how they work.




General Reader:

MA2Mark-Anthony Lewis enjoys reading stories as much as telling them. He also likes Awful Awfuls and pumpkin whoopee pies. You might like his blog. Check it out.