Notes from the Editors

Dear Reader,

After a long, heavy winter comes a bright spring that’s brimming with life in so many ways. What felt like a curse (or a long-standing joke) in the winter was actually a nice hibernation period where we could relax in our homes, curled up under blankets, and immerse ourselves in the numerous submissions that found their way into our reader.

It’s always interesting to see what genres get the most submissions each issue. We were so pleased to see an abundance of all genres this year, and we are so pleased with the work our contributors have chosen to share.

Since Spry’s inception, we’ve found ourselves evolving, learning more about craft, ourselves, and our contributors through the works they submit and suggestions they provide. Our insightful staff members have been so helpful in curating the issue you see before you, and each submission we received has touched our lives in a very different way. Today, we are changed — and we hope that, after spending time with the works in this issue, you’ll feel that same change in yourself.

So get comfortable—or get uncomfortable, as the best works can so often make us feel. Whether you’re sitting outside a coffee shop at the outskirts of town on a sunny weekend afternoon, or taking a break from the stress of your daily routine to awaken your mind and your spirit, you’re sure to find something in here that inspires you. When you do, we hope you’ll share your thoughts with us, and with the world.

Cheers to you, and to everyone who made issue six a reality! We can’t wait to see what issue seven brings our way.

Yours in writing,

Erin and Linsey


  1. I like the work I’ve read so far.

  2. Thanks, Melissa!

  3. Quite a lush assembly of work, and the design is fabulous. Happy to be among all this.

  4. We’re so happy to have you!

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