Masthead: Issue 07

Founding Editors:

headshotLinsey Jayne is a wave-headed poet with a penchant for jazz who received her MFA in creative writing at Fairfield University. Her writing has been published in such publications as The Standard-TimesThe Dartmouth-Westport Chronicle, and exactly.what.  She has served as the chief poetry editor for Mason’s Road, as well as the student editor for the Bryant Literary Review and the opinion section editor of The Archway. Linsey is currently at work on her first collection of poetry, entitled Idle Jive.




Erin OllilaErin Ollila (née Corriveau) is an emotional archaeologist who graduated from Fairfield University’s MFA program with a concentration in creative nonfiction. Her writing has been published in Lunch Ticket, Revolution House, Paper Tape, (em): A Review of Text and Image, RedFez, Shoreline Literary Arts Magazine and The Fall River Spirit. Erin has served as the nonfiction editor of Mason’s Road Literary Journal. Her blog, Reinventing Erin, is her outlet for ruminating on the minutiae of everyday life.





Art Editor:

cisco_biopicCisco Covino is a writer and graphic artist and aesthetic scientist.  He received his MFA in fiction from Fairfield University and currently teaches at Johnson & Wales University.  His work has appeared in such publications as and Old Time Family Baseball.  He can usually be found riding his bike through the sweet absurdity of Boston, MA. Cisco also serves as Spry‘s Graphic Designer, and is a Reader for issue #5.





Editorial Readers:

Photo on 12-17-13 at 8.20 PM #2Emily Densten is a graduate of Rowan University with a BA in Writing Arts with a Creative Writing concentration and an English minor. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Spry, as well as Nib Magazine, Here Comes Everyone, and Whistling Shade. She has worked as a General Reader and is currently working as an Editorial Reader for Spry. She blogs here about trying to act like an adult and her gradual inability to watch a movie without crying.




A System of Linear Equations- Hilts, ElizabethElizabeth Hilts writes memoir, essays, and fiction; though she has written poetry, no one really has to know about that. During the academic year, Hilts toils in the fields of academe as an adjunct professor of English and related subjects. She is in a constant state of revision both as a writer and as a human being.





FullSizeRender-4Jenni Nance teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of South Florida. She is a former nonfiction and fiction editor for Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art, and her work has appeared in journals such as Sweet: A Literary Confection, Necessary Fiction, and Spry Lit. She is a motorcycle enthusiast and avid traveler whose writing often explores the tenuous double-consciousness between motherhood and wanderlust.





plane photoFaith Padgett was born and raised in the suburbs of Texas and is currently a Creative Writing/Spanish double major at Oberlin College in northern Ohio. Her poems have appeared in Hanging Loose and several anthologies including the Poetry Society of Texas’ student anthologies and the YoungArts anthology for 2014. She has won several Scholastic regional silver and gold keys, and was a semi-finalist in the Presidential Scholars program in 2014. When not working for Spry or writing, Faith can be found sipping tea with a book of poetry or walking through the prairie with one of her four adopted mutts. Check out her website here.




P.T.StoneP.T. Stone is a student at Clemson University studying English Language Literature and Philosophy. He is an avid writer of poetry and prose, a composer, a frequent Facebook ranter, and a pure-bred digital generation brat. He is finishing is first novel, The Mirage of Innocence, and has literary blogs here and here. When he isn’t trying to become famous writing, acting, or singing, Preston can be found chasing fluffy kitties to use as pillows while they purr or Instagram stalking Lady Gaga.




General Readers:


Thomas Kearnes hasn’t “studied” short fiction since his senior year in high school. He does, however, have an MA in Screenwriting from UT-Austin. He has been regularly appearing in print and online for the last decade, his most notable publications including PANK, Word Riot, SmokeLong Quarterly, Night Train, A cappella Zoo and dozens others. He has also appeared in numerous LGBT and genre markets. He will soon begin his internship to complete his studies in substance abuse counseling. This is his first experience on the editorial side of publishing.(Seriously, people, stop writing about your fondest childhood memories. You might as well rent a billboard that reads, “There’s Nothing Noteworthy Here.”)


MA2Mark-Anthony Lewis enjoys reading stories as much as telling them. He also likes Awful Awfuls and pumpkin whoopee pies. You might like his blog. Check it out.





KL4Karly Little has an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. She served as the Creative Nonfiction Editor for Lunch Ticket and interns for The Rumpus.  Her work has appeared in Free State Review, Spry Literary Journal, Drunk Monkeys, and Bluestem Magazine.  She coordinates community education and teaches English at Barton Community College.  Karly lives, writes, rollerblades, and watches sports with her husband in a central Kansas town of 172 people.




10561655_10203545343247655_5663421478559545589_n 2Jennifer Martelli lives and writes in Massachusetts. She is a poet, associate editor, mom, paddle boarder. Check out her stuff here.






Photo1Pete Mason is a poet from Rochester, New York. His poetry was nominated for the 2014 Best of the Net Anthology and has appeared in Muzzle Magazine, Rust+Moth, Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. He received a B.A. in English from SUNY Fredonia in 2014.