Notes from the Editors

Dear Reader:

It takes approximately 40 weeks to create and grow a baby.

If you ask a pregnant woman whether or not she’s ready to deliver, you’ll get a different answer on any given day. She could be desperate to deliver: days may feel as if they’re doubling in hours, and the end result seems like it will never happen. She may also be shocked by how quickly time has passed since her child was first conceived. You may catch her worrying about all that’s left to do and how she’ll make it happen—she just isn’t ready.

It’s been about 40 weeks since we published the sixth issue of Spry, and we’re proud to announce our newest pride and joy: Issue 07. It’s 15 poems long, with 10 pounds of prose.

There were days in its gestation that we weren’t sure we’d ever be ready to announce its launch, days in which we were so ready to hit publish. While issues don’t usually take this long to curate, we’re so please at the final outcome.

We think you will be, too.


Erin and Linsey