Issue 12

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Table of Contents

Note from the Editors


Post-Scripts I Delete When I Email You to Tell You I Found Your Novelty Nicolas Cage Sock Behind the Dryer by Kyra Kondis

When the Fathers Were Gone by Tommy Dean

Roads by Noa Covo

I Knew You by T.E. Hahn

The Sun Birds by Rebecca Harrison

At Fourth and Union by Lindsey Warren

Jojo is Finding His Way by Veronica Montes

Johnny Worked the Carnival by Nicole Provencher-Natale

Creative Nonfiction

Viola by Stephanie Austin

Counting Cars by Michael Reed

Twenty Ways to Make Your Marriage Work by Corinne Mahoney


The Great Listener by Jihoon Park

Pasture Statues by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi 


Bloom by Mohamed Elhassan

All That Glitters by Jessica Furtado

Japanese Garden Dawes Arboretum by Mary Callaway


Someone I Barely Knew Died by Gillian Thomas

To Cheer You Up by Eric Anderson

City of Robins by Sarah A. Etlinger

Questions for the Orca J35 Tahlequah by Robin Cedar

Basement II Kelly R. Samuels

Last Offices by Fred Shaw