Note from the Editors

Dear reader,

What is there to say about the past year that hasn’t been said? For countless of us, 2020 was fraught with terror, violence, loneliness, loss. It fundamentally transformed us as people. It redefined relationships. It reminded us of the significance of connection, and how crucial it is that we keep our loved ones near us.

We know these challenges will continue, even as we greet the new year. But we carry on, eyes to the horizon, hands tired yet willing and ready to bring forth change.

After an unexpected hiatus (compounded with the chaos we’ve all endured this year), Spry Literary Journal is so excited to be back and able to share a fresh, powerful issue with you. Poems of love and loss, stories of pain and beauty; in many ways, this issue is the study of humanity in a snapshot. These works have carried us through some difficult months and inspired us to move forward, and we hope they’ll do the same for you.

In the months ahead, you’ll notice some big changes as we upgrade and grow our publication and community. We can’t wait to introduce the new Spry Lit to you.

Thank you, as always, for spending time with us. We wish you a warm, safe new year.

-Erin and Linsey