Issue 13

Melissa Ostrom   Cynthia Robinson Young   Marina Burana   Roz Roseboro   Anna Mantzaris

Kimberly Peterson   Devon Bohm   Jay Julio   Toti O’Brien   Guillermo Rebollo Gil

Kathleen McKitty Harris   Chels Knorr   Carolyn Adams   Sara Burant   Nanthini Rajarethinam

Emily Salisbury   Steven Ostrowski   Christian Ward   Marjolijn van Raaij   Mary Salisbury

Chris Belden   Alyssa Hanna   Christine Brandel

Jane Bregoli   Joe Kapitan   Jaap Bos


Table of Contents

Note from the Editors



Borderlands by Melissa Ostrom

How to Commit Arson and Not Get Caught by Chels Knorr

The Flight Attendants by Anna Mantzaris

Bad Translation by Joe Kapitan


Creative Nonfiction

From Slag to Sanctuary: A Daughter Reflects by Roz Roseboro

Shame Catcher by Kimberly Peterson

Hodges by Kathleen Harris



The Talk by Devon Bohm

Lamb Chops by Chris Belden



I Put On My Mother’s Coat and Her Dreams Fell Out by Cynthia Robinson Young

o–o–o by Sara Burant 

Perspectives by Christian Ward 

My Sister Wants To Know by Mary Salisbury

Mano Po by Jay Julio

lamictal love song by alyssa hanna

Prime Numbers by Toti O’Brien

I Begin Making Resolutions by Guillermo Rebollo Gil



Gathering by Marina Burana

Diaphanous by Christine Brandel

A Clean Cut by Marjolijn van Raaij

One Painting by Steven Ostrowski

After the Rain by Emily Salisbury

The Ship by Nanthini Rajarethinam

Noelie and Her Beehives by Jane Bregoli

After the Flood by Jaap Bos

Home by Carolyn Adams