Please read the excerpt below from our Editors’ Letter for more information on how this feature was conceived.


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Marathon Monday, for those who aren’t familiar, is a day of celebration. Many people have the day off of work to celebrate Patriot’s Day, and people flock to Boston to witness the Boston Marathon or catch a Red Sox day game at Fenway Park. April 15, 2013 began like any other Marathon Monday in the city of Boston. The Red Sox won their early afternoon game, which pleased Erin, a die-hard fan, who—like Linsey—was unfortunately working.

And then, shortly after 3pm, bombs exploded at the Marathon’s finish line.

The rest of Marathon Monday, and the week that followed, was lithe with confusion and fear. Who could do something like this? Is everyone we know okay? Are they going to find the bombers? What do we do now? The editors knew that there had to be something they could do to try and bring some peace to the many who were affected.

Then, in one of their (continually critical) G-Chats, Erin and Linsey conceived Beanstalks: Artists Unite to Support Boston, a new section of Spry they would publish with the second issue. This would allow artists a chance to voice their emotions, and share them with people who might be seeking stability, and a place they could find some familiarity; something to which they could relate. They vowed to publish anything submitted, unedited, as long as it pertained to Boston and did not incite hatred or fear. Submissions rolled in, and the editors were excited by what they were reading. They were even happier after being contacted by an MFA student at Emerson College, who queried to find out if they’d be willing to publish the entire class’s written responses to the tragedy. Erin and Linsey were immensely grateful to the Boston Strong, talented writers who contributed their work to Beanstalks, and who continued to create in the midst of the chaotic unknown.

This issue of Spry Literary Journal is dedicated to the city of Boston and the runners, families, friends, and spirit of the Boston Marathon