Eros | Psyche

Michelle Auerbach

Michelle Auerbach


When he walks under street lamps, they snap shut leaving a tea-length gown of
night.  I’ve never met anyone so in love with absence.  He clamors, extrapolates,
essays, hectors, lectures, and makes brilliant quarters of the firmament.  He covers
his constellations in black peau de soie and velvet.  Dripping a little levity left marks
on the princeling. Those you shoot leave you, those you miss get away, and those
you envisage clearly aren’t enrobed.


She saw things, invisible things in the dark.  No matter.  Send her to the mountain,
she’ll say she jumped.  The wind will take her.  Ephemera.  We all marry great and
terrible serpents who devour our unborn children.  Voluptas.  Hedone.  Drink the
nectar when proffered and keep your promises.


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  1. Your images here are beautiful! “Dripping a little levity left marks on the princeling.” I love that line!

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