Notes from the Editors


I was a reader for Spry’s inaugural issue, back when there were four of us—including co-founders Erin and Linsey—and we had this grand idea of what we wanted a lit journal to be. I read for the first few issues. Life issues forced me to bow out for a while, but I returned a few issues ago, moving from general reader to editorial reader.

And now, for Issue 13 of Spry, I’ve had the unique opportunity to serve as the first Guest Editor, no small feat. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Erin and Linsey for trusting me with their creation.

With chaos comes opportunity. The past couple of years have been unsettling for all of us and there is no true “normal” in sight. The artists in Issue 13 depict unique moments to provide commentary on—moments of introspection and personal growth amid a world on fire.

Thanks to Erin and Linsey, I did the thing. I’m thrilled to have learned all the behind-the-scenes processes that go into every aspect of putting together an issue. And now it’s out in the world. I’ve accepted the opportunity to stay on as the Guest Editor for Issue 14 and look forward to more terrific submissions. I hope you enjoy these works as much as I did.

Thank you for spending time with us,

Phil Lemos

*Note from Erin and Linsey- We so appreciate Phi’s hard work and commend him on the great work he did to put this issue together!


Phil Lemos has too many MFAs. When he’s not teaching Freshman Composition or Creative Writing, he’s writing about all the other crazy jobs he’s had as an adult. A bunch of people are asking him when he’s gonna finish that novel.