Notes from the Editors


It was a true honor to be asked back as Guest Editor for Spry Issue 14. I felt more confident in navigating the process, having gone through the full cycle for the first time with the previous issue.

Still, every new issue brings new wrinkles and excitement.

This past spring I taught a class at Clark University where students assisted in reading submissions for Issue 14, interviewing past contributors, and contributing to special editions. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the students were terrific. They dove into the work with enthusiasm; adding them to our already stellar reading staff gave us more diverse perspectives than ever before, and allowed us to put together a new issue faster than I ever thought possible. We received work that echoes our longing to return to near-normal life, while acknowledging that the world has inexorably changed over the past few years.

I’m thrilled to be taking one more foray into guest editing for Issue 15. I couldn’t do this without a great team, from founders Erin and Linsey to our amazing readers. All of them make this job seamless and a lot more fun.

I hope you enjoy these works as much as we did.

Thanks for spending time with us,

Phil Lemos