Song for Your Broken Heart

say you’re a hot wire / a flickering bulb / every moment of light / of current / a rush / say your
heart stops / stunned / a shock in time / before it races towards the mystery ahead / unfazed /

say you’re the train track / abandoned / every footstep / the lightest of light / the fox that hunts
/ covertly / in its nightly cloak / a friend / say your heart / vibrates / in metallic joy / when
trains come rushing on / the sense of being found / crossed / travelled on / right /
Boom / Boom.

say you’re a pane / framed in New England wood / the winter storms / blast / bringing with
them / icy flowers / a kiss / the coolest touch / a steely embrace / that won’t let go / you let it
cling / you welcome its relentlessness.

The heart is a muscle. / It works / in secret / in constancy / Boom / Boom.


Karla Hirsch (she/her) is an emerging German-Romanian poet and writer of literary short and long fiction from Munich. She studied English and French literature in Augsburg and Edinburgh. Her work has appeared in From the Depths, Tint Journal and 433 Magazine. You can find her online at and on Twitter at @kvchirsch.