Happy Fourth of July!

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It’s been an exciting year for Spry so far. New projects, new jobs, and even a new name (congrats to Mrs. Erin Ollila!) have occupied our editors, and wildly insightful, inspired, hilarious, and heartbreaking pieces have all come through to our staff. Writers and artists, you may not realize it, but you change our lives each day with the work you share.

The Fourth of July, in many ways, is a summer Thanksgiving. We spend this time enjoying (hopefully!) long weekends, family, friends, weather—or even just taking time to ourselves. We’re grateful for what our nation has accomplished, and we celebrate and honor one another’s creations and accomplishments as they spring from our aching lungs, our joyous hearts, and all those parts of our bodies and minds that remind us that we’re free.

So read a poem aloud, or a story silently. Dance all night against a moonlit backdrop, fire at your backs. Heck, even swat a mosquito and take a walk around your town or city. Whatever you do, enjoy it! Have wonderful, safe holiday.

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