Issue 14







Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor



Tell Your Doctor by Andrea Lewis

Waves by Diane Payne

Cliff Diver by Paul Luikart

Telemarketer Loneliness by Will Musgrove

The Warmth of Her Bread by Carolyn Pledge Amaral

1963 by Avis Lang


Creative Nonfiction

Harold by Joseph O’Day



The Firewalkers by Molly Seeling

The Moment After the Moment of the Splash by Greg Rose

Erasure by Megha Nayar

The Ghost Farmer’s Girl by Teresa Petro



House Centipede by Katherine Tunning

Hibiscus Remembered by Donna Pucciani

Does My Slashed Achilles Tendon Make Me More Feminine by Christine Naprava

Hallelujahs by Joe Bisicchia

Frida Kahlo and Other Women with Missing Parts by Ilse Griffin

The Thing With Feelers by Sophie Panzer

Complicity by Susan Leary

Theoretical: a bird falls from the nest by Isabella De Palo Garcia Perez

Clockwork Overture by Philip Schaefer

Song for Your Broken Heart by Karla Hirsch

You Can See the Prison from the Community College by Simon Walsh

Aubade for Aging by Sheila Black

Spring of Cicadas by Miriam Kramer

A Light in Margate by Eugene O’Hare 



3 By Guliz Mutlu

Sunlit by Louis Staeble

The Last Leaf at Myrtle Beach by Oliver McKeithan