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It was a dark and dreary morning today in Southeastern Massachusetts. One of those mornings  after a long stretch of idyllic summer days, where you wake up to gloom spitting on your window and you think “Welp, that was nice, and now I’m going to live in bed.”

But despondency wouldn’t last long for the editors of Spry. At 6:49 AM, Linsey was the first to receive the news that Spry had won second place in the Lit Bridge 2013 Literary Magazine Contest.  At 7:13 AM, Erin was next, though she didn’t quite know at first what was happening. All she saw was an excited email from Linsey full of exclamation points.


We invite you to read more about LitBridge, the award, and the other finalists here.

A lot of awards are followed by acceptance speeches. Well, no one in particular has asked us to provide one, but we feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for this incredible recognition. Simply put, we thank you, LitBridge for choosing us as the second place journal. Thank you for creating a contest like this to support young, unaffiliated journals. We are thrilled to be honored alongside the other incredible journals. Thank you to Adroit Journal, Kalyani Magazine, and The Atlas Review for doing all of the incredible things I read about in your nominations. You guys are wonderful. Finally, thank you to our friends and staff and readers who nominated us for this award. Reading all those kind thoughts you shared about our journal and staff meant so much to us. We are so moved by this honor, and so please to be the second place winners.

Overflowing with gratitude,

Erin and Linsey


  1. Erin and Linsey,

    Big congrats and hugs! So well deserved :o)


  2. I am OVER THE MOON for you ladies–you deserve this honor, and so much more. Congrats, and thanks from all of us–readers, writers, and staff. Every issue just gets better & better–what a bright future these is in store for Spry!

  3. Thank you, Allie!

  4. Thank you!!

  5. Congrats Erin and L – J! I am so proud of you talented ladies and Spry!! Sending a bunch of Woo-Hoos your way! Looking forward to future issues?

  6. Thank you! Of course, we will definitely continue to publish. We are working on issue #3 right now.


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