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ABCs of Creative Nonfiction: B is for Bravery

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“You have to be brave to be a writer.” My mom told me this halfway through my second year of grad school as I called her, blubbing incoherently about my looming thesis deadlines. My mom is not a writer. But she was right. To write good nonfiction, whether it be memoir, essay or journalism, you have to dig. You have to turn yourself inside out. You have to stare down things that terrify you until they back down, or you figure out how to present them to the world with grace. Though they seem similar on the surface, bravery is not honesty. Honesty is a good therapy session. It’s admitting your ex-boyfriend might be gay. It’s fessing up that you don’t floss....

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Behind the Words: Chels Knorr

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Chels Knorr is an editor, a writer, a student, and a soon-to-be MFA graduate. She came to Spry in our third issue with her lovely creative nonfiction essay, “Navigating the Margin,” a piece that dealt with big themes like figuring out roles in a new marriage and finding–and giving away a pet–all in the same day. If you haven’t read it yet, head over to read it now and then come back here! She prefers writing short creative nonfiction, but don’t let the length fool you. Her essays are lively and full of emotions.    Erin Ollila: Navigating the Margin” is a very short essay. Coming in at just over 1,000 words, it could...

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