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Behind the Words: Chels Knorr

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Chels Knorr is an editor, a writer, a student, and a soon-to-be MFA graduate. She came to Spry in our third issue with her lovely creative nonfiction essay, “Navigating the Margin,” a piece that dealt with big themes like figuring out roles in a new marriage and finding–and giving away a pet–all in the same day. If you haven’t read it yet, head over to read it now and then come back here! She prefers writing short creative nonfiction, but don’t let the length fool you. Her essays are lively and full of emotions.    Erin Ollila: Navigating the Margin” is a very short essay. Coming in at just over 1,000 words, it could...

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Behind the Words: Krysta Voskowsky

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Krysta Voskowsky contributed her essay “When She Closes Her Eyes” to Spry’s “Beanstalks” section, which provided a space for writers to explore their reactions in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. Krysta’s piece is one that is sure to stay with the reader: it is raw, it is brave, and it is vivid. Krysta is earning her MFA from Emerson College, and she blogs here and also for NoshOn.It. She is currently at work on her memoir.   Julia: “When She Closes Her Eyes” was written following the Boston Marathon bombings and is constructed in such a unique way that with each reread something new is discovered. So much emotional ground is covered in...

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Behind the Words: Lauren Kay Halloran

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Lauren Kay Halloran’s nonfiction piece Stay was published in the “Beanstalks” section of Spry’s second issue, a portion of the journal created in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. Lauren’s work highlights the vulnerability that is pervasive following a tragedy, and she masterfully weaves together past events to highlight how emotional reactions are formed in the present. The 2013 winner of Glamour’s personal essay contest, Lauren is earning her MFA in nonfiction at Emerson College and blogs here.   Julia: Your nonfiction piece Stay (included in Spry’s “Beanstalks” section focused on the...

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