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Behind the Words: Chels Knorr

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Chels Knorr is an editor, a writer, a student, and a soon-to-be MFA graduate. She came to Spry in our third issue with her lovely creative nonfiction essay, “Navigating the Margin,” a piece that dealt with big themes like figuring out roles in a new marriage and finding–and giving away a pet–all in the same day. If you haven’t read it yet, head over to read it now and then come back here! She prefers writing short creative nonfiction, but don’t let the length fool you. Her essays are lively and full of emotions.    Erin Ollila: Navigating the Margin” is a very short essay. Coming in at just over 1,000 words, it could...

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Behind the Words: Lee Stoops

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Lee Stoops write with an emotional vulnerability that draws all readers–whether or not they’ve experienced a similar situation–in to the world he creates with his words. He is a father, a husband, an editor and a writer. Check out his flash essay “The Only Scars I Choose” here.       Erin: “The Only Scars I Choose” is about the loss of your daughter, Bennett. Did you find it difficult to write about such a huge life event in so few words? Lee: Yes. To date, these words are the only ones I’ve been able to write about losing her. That’s not to say I haven’t tried or that I don’t want to. I’ve wondered what...

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