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Behind the Words: Ricky Garni

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Ricky Garni’s poem “Bluebirds,” featured in issue 03 of Spry, takes readers down an often contradictory narrative; nonetheless, the speaker’s charm and transparency keeps us hooked. It is wonderful to see that this same charm and openness continues as Garni discusses his writing process, insights in the arts, and upcoming projects.   Laura Bernstein: Talk to me about the revision process of “Bluebirds.” How did it start? What surprised you through the revision process? Ricky Garni: My revision process doesn’t vary too much – like most of my poems, I wrote BLUEBIRDS in the computer as straight prose without line breaks.  I...

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Behind the Words: Erin Cinsey

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What is more thrilling than two Pennsylvania residents discussing poetry? Answer: Two Pennsylvania mothers discussing poetry. If that description doesn’t win you over, Erin Cinsey’s poetry certainly will. Tackling death, gender norms, and grief, “The Denial” was a beautiful and heartbreaking poem featured in issue 02 of Spry Literary Journal. Erin is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons.   Laura Bernstein: First, talk to me about the revision process of this poem. It is such a short, refined piece, that I wonder if an earlier draft was lengthier.  Erin Cinsey: I was...

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Behind the Words: Elizabeth Cooley

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Elizabeth Cooley’s small poem “Genesis” charms the reader with its depiction of creation as child’s play. But there’s much more to this poem than play. Elizabeth was kind enough to answer some questions about this poem and her writing process in general.       Donna: If you’ll pardon the bad pun, what was the “genesis” for this poem? Elizabeth: Sometimes for me, poems run out onto the page and I’ve no idea where they come from. Of course, there are plenty of poems I really have to coax out, but “Genesis” wasn’t one of them. I didn’t immediately think of the Genesis story, but of Earth being a kind...

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Behind the Words: Laura Bernstein

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With engaging format and a flowing narrative, Laura Bernstein’s essay, Ice-Locked, reflects on the dynamics of mental illness and family. She was kind enough to answer some questions regarding writing about family, her writing style, and how writer’s can benefit from certain craft aspects.   Zac: How do you think the breaks from the essay act in this essay? Did you find that these breaks can be interpreted in many ways? Laura: Almost all of my work is poetry, but this story begged to be creative nonfiction. Begged, I tell you! Mid-revelation that I wanted to dab my toes into another genre, an NPR...

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