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Behind the Words: Elizabeth Hilts

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Elizabeth’s Hilts’s essay, A System of Linear Equations, is a wonderfully quiet piece that dedicates many of its words to exploring the world that she has found herself in; a world with a mother who is “completely out of her mind” and a world where she has to face adult realities. Hilts was nice enough to answer some questions about her writing routine, teaching, and what she’s working on now.    I love your descriptiveness in this piece, especially because it juxtaposes the idea of holding a secret with giving every possible detail of a setting or situation. Did you do that intentionally, or did you find it came more naturally? What a great question....

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Behind the Words: Elizabeth Cooley

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Elizabeth Cooley’s small poem “Genesis” charms the reader with its depiction of creation as child’s play. But there’s much more to this poem than play. Elizabeth was kind enough to answer some questions about this poem and her writing process in general.       Donna: If you’ll pardon the bad pun, what was the “genesis” for this poem? Elizabeth: Sometimes for me, poems run out onto the page and I’ve no idea where they come from. Of course, there are plenty of poems I really have to coax out, but “Genesis” wasn’t one of them. I didn’t immediately think of the Genesis story, but of Earth being a kind...

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Behind the Words: Laura Bernstein

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With engaging format and a flowing narrative, Laura Bernstein’s essay, Ice-Locked, reflects on the dynamics of mental illness and family. She was kind enough to answer some questions regarding writing about family, her writing style, and how writer’s can benefit from certain craft aspects.   Zac: How do you think the breaks from the essay act in this essay? Did you find that these breaks can be interpreted in many ways? Laura: Almost all of my work is poetry, but this story begged to be creative nonfiction. Begged, I tell you! Mid-revelation that I wanted to dab my toes into another genre, an NPR...

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Behind the Words: Christine Hale

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Christine Hale’s essay, “Milk” is a complex journey. In this small essay—or more appropriately, flash essay—Christine moves her readers through small, quiet scenes that evoke emotions beyond what is written. She has mastered the ability to keep her writing calm but strong, simple but intentional. She was kind enough to answer some questions regarding her craft, her use of symbolism, and what brought her to write this captivating essay.   Zac: What made you decide to go in the direction of a collaged memoir? How do you think that changes the experience for the reader? Do you think there any...

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Behind the Words: Gail Hosking

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Gail Hosking’s essay, “Missing Girl Scout Cookies” was featured in the second issue of Spry. Her essay features common themes of estranged parents and the struggles of childhood, but what she accomplishes in her essay is the portrayal of the emotional and physical hunger one feels. She was kind enough to answer some questions that  accentuate the already wonderfully written essay she has shared with our readers.   Zac: First, I would like to tell you how much I loved your essay. As someone who is also writing about a reclusive mother, I found that you portrayed the mother character in a very neutral...

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