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When we were younger, the length of time between now and the next exciting thing to take place felt like several lifetimes. If a friend’s birthday party was taking place in any amount of time longer than 2 hours, forget it. Might as well be a month. Might as well be an eternity. Successfully passing time was always something of an accomplishment.

Now that we’re adults, well, even though the space between exciting things is typically full of reading, writing, working, and whatever else should come up, it’s still hard to wait for exciting things to happen, even though life passes by us at a much faster pace. Finding productive, engaging ways to spend our interim time is perhaps even more valuable to us than it ever has been.

At Spry, our feelings are no different. We saw a need to continue the conversations on literature that each issue sparked, to engage ourselves and maintain the place of agile literature in the spaces between issues. With that goal in mind, we are happy to introduce Briefs. Briefs is Spry’s brand-new blog feature, built with the intention of driving conversations, introducing writing and writers, and bringing engaging content to the forefront of the literary journal-reading community.

What you will see from us:

  • Weekly interviews with previous contributors

  • Weekly blog posts on all sorts of writing-related topics

  • Regular interviews with other literary journals

  • A series on what our staff and contributors are reading

We encourage you to join in our conversation.  Comment on the posts. Ask us questions. Tell us stories. Query us about being a contributing writer (check back tomorrow for more information on this!) Basically, we want you to be part of our team.

The Spry community–Spryfolk, as we like to call ourselves–is a collective of wonderful humans. If you aren’t part of the gang yet, welcome. No initiation needed (and only minor hazing). We promise!

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