Special Issue: Spry Lit x The Poetry of Science



Table of Contents


Editor’s Preface

1. Danielle Legros Georges, “X-Ray”
Scientist: Sheena Vasquez

2. Sophie Laurence, “Phylum Cnidaria”
Scientist: Jason Samaroo

3. Suparnamaaya Prasad, “The Shades of Us”
Scientist: Kathleen Esfahany

4. Charles Coe, “Village-in-a-Dish”
Scientist: Michael Wells

5. Luisa Fernanda Apolaya Torres, “Nature”
Scientist: Shannon Johnson

6. Danielle Legros Georges, “Daniel Chonde, Scientist, Beaver”
Scientist: Daniel Chonde

7. Rachel Wahlert, “To Be Understood”
Scientist: Huili Chen

8. Supernamaaya Prasad, “Truth in Numbers”
Scientist: Kareem Carr

9. Miriam Manglani, “Makinde’s Quantum World”
Scientist: Olumakinde (Makinde) Ogunnaike

10. Charles Coe, “Under the Eucalyptus Tree”
Scientist: Nandita Menon

11. Luisa Fernanda Apolaya Torres, “Looking”
Scientist: Christian Loyo

12. Miriam Manglani, “Her Volcano”
Scientist: Swati Gupta

13. Rachel Wahlert, “Grip”
Scientist: José Zepeda