Editor’s Preface

Dear Reader,

We at Spry are equally humbled and honored by the opportunity to present The Poetry of Science: A public art installation centered around science, poetry, and racial social justice.

This project began as an idea that Joshua Sariñana, PhD shared with me in 2020. Josh is, among many other things, a a fine art photographer, and as friends and artists, the two of us were seeking opportunities for collaboration. In 2021, we received grant funding from the Cambridge Arts Council to build on Josh’s idea; the rest, as they say, is history.

Learn more about the project and ways you can support this work by visiting the website.

Thanks to the vulnerability and energy of our incredible team of contributing poets and scientists, alongside an overwhelmingly positive community response, our remarkable juror Jean-Dany Joachim, and the talented fine art photographer Vanessa Leroy, we are able to bring an unmatched collection of work. It is my hope that these poems and portraits speak to you, inspire you, and transform your perspective.

I know they have done all that and more for me.

Continue to write boldly.

Linsey Jayne, MFA
Project manager: The Poetry of Science
Co-founding editor: Spry Literary Journal