Featured scientist: José Zepeda


Grip on hard
Harder than you thought
Before your skin is scarred
Before you buy the lot

You have time to yell
But no time to talk
Look like hell
Can’t even walk

What’s under your skin
Flowing in your blood
A simple sin
A heavy flood

Don’t want to come down
Just one more binge
Won’t matter if you drown
Only know the syringe

Your brain’s a mess
From pain and despair
Full of stress
You need your share

“Get your life together”
“Can’t you see how you’re a wreck”
All the ties you’ve severed
The bank has bounced your last check

I’ll grip on hard
Harder than you thought
Although your skin is scarred
Although you’ve bought the lot

Reach out your hand
And grasp on to mine
You’re the one in command
I want to see you shine

We’ll sob and scream
Covered in a shadow
Feel like we’re tearing at the seam
Please won’t you let it go?

I’ll be here
From beginning to end
The future isn’t clear
But I’ll always be your friend

It’s been a day, a month, a year
Since you’ve been flying high
Your thinking is more clear
Each day it’s still hard to deny

Rachel Wahlert