WHERE IS SPRY? The Winner is Announced!

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I bet you’ve been wondering about the WHERE IS SPRY? Contest we just recently ran at AWP. (Play along with me if you weren’t wondering about it.) Here’s the thing about AWP and me: I have so much fun and overdose on people and literature and networking and staying up late and waking up early and anything that has to do with the bookfair, so when I get home, I tend to crash. Which I did this year. Now that I’ve successfully made it a few days without talking about anything literary (that’s a joke, it’s issue #4 decision-making time is happening in these neck of the woods), I’m ready to announce the winner of the contest.

Before I do that though, let me just say how much fun we had meeting y’all at AWP. It was so exciting (and sometimes scary) to get yelled at from across the room “THERE IS SPRY!” and sometimes I got bear-hugged by strangers or meekly approached. It was just pure awesome.

To the “old” friends who found me, thank you for tracking me down. Meeting you in person (for the first or second time) was incredible. To my “new” friends who stalked me, thank you for taking your time to introduce yourself. Every single person I met was incredible. I’m so happy to have met your aquaintence.

And without further blabbing on and on, the winner of the 2014 WHERE IS SPRY? Contest is:

20140307-134822.jpg Jamie Moore! Congrats, Jamie! We will reach out to you personally to get you your $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com

(Also, I am just noticing now that I think we have the same gray jacket!)

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